Hyper-energy Theory


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Coarse Outline

Hyper-Energy Theory is systematically derived from a historically overlooked physical principle that James Clerk Maxwell deduced (in 1865) in the course of attempting to formulate a theory of gravity that would be consistent with the unified view of electricity, magnetism, and light that his electrodynamic theory provided: Namely that the seemingly empty space of this universe behaves as if it was an energy medium, characterized by an enormous intrinsic classical energy density that somehow gets diminished in the vicinity of a electrically neutral bodies of matter. Thereby accounting for the binding energy liberated by gravitationally-bound matter systems.

TEST Symbols

2. Useful notations

Let L denote an inertial laboratory which is at rest in the eo-continuum and which employs time-space coordinates xi = (x0,xa).

Let L denote an inertial laboratory whose xa are co-aligned with xa and propagating with velocity *w relative to L. And let x0 = x0 = 0 when xa and xa coincide.

Let `u = - *w be the theoretical flow velocity of eo relative to L