Online Information and Downloads Relating to Hyper-energy Theory and its Applications.

Section files are now available for the forthcoming paper:

On The Classical Field Equations Governing the Origin and Evolution of
the Space and Time and Particles of This Universe

(Styled for Phys. Rev. D15)

The Abstract through Section VI covers: The following file options are provided to accommodate the different user download capabilities and preferences.

 Section Range  Type   Size  Filename
 The Abstract to Section VI  PDF  2392 KB    HyperEnergy_A_VI.pdf
 ZIP 1076 KB    HyperEnergy_A_VI_PDF.zip
 The Abstract to Section III   PDF 1567 KB    HyperEnergy_A_III.pdf
 ZIP 650 KB    HyperEnergy_A_III_PDF.zip
 Sections IV to VI  PDF 674 KB    HyperEnergy_IV_VI.pdf
 ZIP 322 KB    HyperEnergy_IV_VI_PDF.zip

Coming in September 2003:

Additional section(s) covering the third gauge field theory (GFT3) containing
qualitative descriptions of the application of hyper-energy theory to:

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